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Pulp Juice 4 in 1 Filling Machine(SCGF24-18-24-8)

  • SCGF24-18-24-8
  • MARS
  • 8422301090
  • CE
  • Zhangjiagang
  • Wooden Case
  • 60 PCS/Year
  • 1 Pcs
  • 40 Days
  • 1
  • T/T
Pulp juice filling machine have four parts: Washer, pulp filler, juice filler and capper. With precision liquid level, homogeneo.

This machine is consists of washing-pulp filling-juice filling-capping 4 parts

bottle rinsing machine:
Bottles come into the machine from conveyor, and the screw
device separated the bottle and feed into bottle washing section, there are 24 rinsing
nozzles, Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinser will grip bottle mouth and
make a 180°turn along a guid track to face the bottle mouth downward. In designated
section of rinser, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside
wall.After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make another 180°turn
along a guid track to resume bottle mouth facing up position.Clean bottles are discharged
out of the rinser by a star wheel and send bottles to the pulp filler.
Pulp filling machinePiston Type
The piston and piston barrel after the treatment of top technology, cooperate accurately,
durable and wearable. It is equipped with material stirring system and level senor in the
tank , three point liquid level control, frequency conversion adjustment, bottle in and out
protection, automatic speed adjustment, filling with bottles and no bottles no filling.
-14 Piston Filling heads304 Stainless steel .
-Pulp filling volume is adjustable.
-Available for hot or normal temperature filling.

Juice Filling Machine
The juice filling machine with 24 filling valves, the filling tank with temperature sensor and level sensor, it make up juice automatically according to the juice level in thank, and when the juice temperature below the aim temperature, the machine filling machine will stop filling and send juice back to UHT, it will control filling temperature and ensure products quality.
-24 filling nozzles,304 stainless steel material tank.
-Full filling type: gravity micro-vacuum filling system, level control.

Capping machine
The cap unscrambling system adopts crawler-type elevating method, it arrange cans according to the cap center of gravity, no fault cap output and no cap damageA slideway connect the cap unscrambler and the capping machine, and it equipped with 1 sensors on the slideway, if there is no caps feed to capping machine, the sensor will send information to PLC, the machine will stop and alarming. 

Control system & operation plate
The whole machine controlled with PLC and touch screen, stepless speed adjustment. 
304 stainless steel cabin.


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