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Linear Hot Melt Glue OPP Labeling Machine(RTB-200)

  • RTB-200
  • MARS
  • 842230

1. Adopt the overall vertical labeling mode, automatically label cutting, automatic labeling.
2. Microcomputer continuously variable control system, automatic detection in accordance with the feed, automatic adjustment of the production rate to maintain the labeling machine always in the best production rate.
3. Applying the startwheel feeding, to ensure not pour the bottle under high speed.
4. Host Controller working with the frequency three-phase motor to control transmission.
5. Label supply applying the servo motor synchronous tracking cutting, specially designed vacuum drum high-speed absorption, accurate and stable labeling.
6. Transmission mode applying the linked design, stability and precision under high-speed labeling.
7. Linked design encountering abnormal or unusual torque, the safety devices can automatically and immediately shut down the machine.
8. Labeling position can be adjusted up and down.
9. Hot melt machine below the set temperature, the labeling action can not be started.
10. Without label, the machine automatically stops, and the alarm function starts.
11. Label is not affixed, the machine automatically stops, and the alarm function starts.
12. Alarm function for label missing or not leaving gap.
13. Alarm function for running out of labels.
14. Indicator lamp and alarm function for abnormal status.
15. The centralized lubrication system is easy to clean, lubricate and maintain.
16. Conveyor line production, easy and quick installation.

1. Model: RTB-200
2. Labeling speed: 1,000-12,000 bottles per hours (500ml)
3. Bottle type: Cylindrical bottles
4. Bottle Material: PET, glass, metal
5. Bottlenecks range: φ 40-φ 128 (mm) (according to the specifications)
6. Bottle height: 25-360(mm) (according to the specifications)
7. Label Height: 15-150(mm)

 8. Label Material: OPP, BOPP, composite membrane, paper (the whole volume of label).
 9. Paper Tube diameter: 6 inches (152 mm).
 10. Compressed Air: 8 (kg/cm2) (The clients shall independently equip with the air compressors with the power of over 3 HP)
 11. Power: AC 3φ 380V/60Hz
 12. Power:  6 Kw
 13. Weight: 1500 Kg
 14. Overall Dimension: 2600L*1150W*1800H(mm)


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