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Glass Bottle Liquor Bottling Machine

  • JCGF18-18-6
  • MARS
  • 842230

This machine contains rinsing, low vacuum filling machine and capping machine 3 in1 monoblock,

This machine mainly use for wine, also changed some parts can use for cans filling/capping for beer drink.

Main Feature:

1) This machine is mainly used for wine and sauce filling operation;

2) This machine is combined of rinsing, filling capping;

3) the whole procedure is full automatic, and suitable for glass bottle and aluminum steal_proof caps for filling vodka, wine, sauce and etc.;

4) The applicable bottle type can be adjusted freely and conveniently, and easily operation;

5) The filling type is adopted new type negative pressure filling, making the filling quickly and steadily;

6) That's why the machine has more capacity and benefit compared other machine with same specification;

7) This machine is adopted advanced programmable controller PLC, and make the machine running automatically, and bottle input conveyor adopts transducer with speed adjustable, and bottle output conveyor adopts speed adjustable motor;

8) Cooperation with transducer of main machine makes the bottle running smoothly and reliably;

9) It is convenient to operate with high automation because of every part of machine is inspected to run by photoelectric detector;

10) The machine is idea-preferred equipment for beverage makers.


   Model:  JCGF14-12-5  JCGF18-18-6   JCGF24-24-8  JCGF2-32-10
       Capacity :500ml        3000        5000          7000        10000
       Bottle shape:        roud or square
PET bottle: (mm)        (Bottle Diameter):φ50-.φ100mm   (Height):150-320mm
Cap type:        ROPP,Crown cap
       Filling precision:        ≤±5mm
       Filling pressure:(Mpa)        0.15-0.35        0.15-0.35        0.15-0.35        0.15-0.35
       Rinsing pressure:(Mpa)        0.2-0.25        0.2-0.25        0.2-0.25        0.2-0.25
       Filling volume :(L)         0.2-1L        
       Overall size:(mm)        2150*1600*2350         2450*1800*2350         2780*2200*2350        3600*2650*2350
       Weight: (Kg)        2500        4500         4500        5500



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