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Glass Bottle Beer Rinser Filler Crown Capper(BCGF18-18-6)

  • BCGF18-18-6
  • MARS
  • 8422301090
  • CE
  • Zhangjiagang
  • Wooden Case
  • 150 PCS/Year
  • 1 Pcs
  • 30 Days
  • 1
  • T/T
Brief Introduction:
Ø  Adopting Germany Technology, combining the characteristics of beer production, our company designs and develops this type of beer rinser filler and capper 3 in 1 machine.
Ø  This machine has CIP washing function, which can use acid, alkali and hot water for washing filling pipe lines.
Ø  The whole machine adopts manual dry oil lubricating system, which makes machine maintenance more convenient.
Ø  The whole machine adopts man and machine interface operation, PLC control.
Rinsing Part
Adopting high strength spring type stainless steel bottle rinsing gripper, to ensure the glass bottle smooth turning, washing nozzles are plum flower structure, can rush to the bottom of the bottle and the corner, make the wash more clean.
Filling Part
Special long filling valves for beer filling, double de-vacuum.
Spring type mechanical device to elevate glass bottles, big bearings to support beer tank above filling valves.
The filling machine has the function of closing filling valves when there is broken bottle, and washing away broken bottle. The vent pipe has automatic foam-removing device.
It is driven through gears inside the machine frame.
Link-wheels in rinser, filler and capper are transported in ringed support of bottle-neck.
Capping Part
Capping part of the machine with highest precision. Stainless steel crown pressing plunger and mechanical mixing type magnet crown unscrambler ensure crowing clean and secure. Hopper, crown picking, and crown pressing all use magnet transportation. Crowning is secure and it has ability of pressure unloading to reduce the broken bottle rate.
Crown distributing groove is equipped with downwards cap pick-out device.
Equipped with hot water high pressure foam hitting device to replace air in the bottle, ensure oxygen content less than 0.15mg/L.


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