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Double Sides Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine(TB-100)

1. Round bottle labeling machine is mostly applicable for the automatic labeling of column, square or taper package containers for medicine, daily chemical, food cultural supplies, electronics and etc. It can automatically check the length of labelsand is equipped with warning device of insufficient labels, broken labels and no achromatizes.

2. The human-machine touch screen is easy and visual to operate. In addition, it has rich help functions and failure display function

  • DTB-100
  • MARS
  • 842230

Double Sides Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine(DTB-100)

DTB-100 vertical type round bottle adhesive labeling machine is suitable for pharmacy, chemical industry and foodstuff etc round container labeling. The labeling process is fully automatic. Operation is easy, production speed is fast. Labeling position is accurate.
Working process:
Put the containers on the labeling machine conveyor, the containers will be sent into bottle
distributing area, the bottles move continuous, after version optical inspect the bottles, it
transport the electrooptical signal to PLC. After PLC processed, the output signal will be
transported to stepper motor. The stepper motor distribute the labels. Through rolling
structure put the labels on the bottle.

       Step motor
       Right or left
       Labeling speed
       0- 200Pcs/Min
       Bottle diameter
       Bottle height
       Label size
       length 30-280mm  height 20-180mm
       ± 1mm(subject roundness and vertical of the bottle)
       Label roll
       Max: Dia300mm
       Label core
       Standard: Dia75mm
       Machine dimension (including the package)
       Gross weight(including the package)
       AC 110V/220V 50/60HZ  500W
       Coding device
       DT-280 coding device



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