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Comparative analysis of vortex chiller and screw chiller

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In order to give customers the most suitable industrial temperature control scheme, we recommend in the selection and industrial water chillers, often compare the performance and application characteristics of various water chiller, or recommended set of refrigeration solutions so that more customers to choose, such as vortex type cold water machine and screw chiller, then the two chiller in terms of efficiency, stability, price have to differ?What are their differences and similarities?

Vortex type water chiller and screw water chillers are mainly compressor types named after the classification, common and piston chillers and centrifugal chillers, etc., piston due to the cold water machine accessories, maintenance is convenient, its status is gradually replaced by a vortex type cold water machine, and the centrifugal chillers are mainly used in large refrigeration equipment.The following is a comparison of the vortex chiller and screw chiller in the attached table to illustrate the differences between the two types of chiller.

Comparison table of scroll chiller and screw chiller

ItemVortex chillerscrew chiller
refrigeration principleSteam compression refrigeration
  • Compression parts structure features

Vortex typescrew type(single screw/double screw)
Circuit startDirect startStar/triangle start or variable frequency start is usually adopted
capacity regulatorThe chiller can control the start and stop state of several compressors according to the change of refrigeration demand, and set them to run alternately to protect the compressorScrew chiller has multiple energy regulation section, which can be adjusted according to the cooling load, saving energy.
refrigerating capacity

Advantages: small capacity of single machine, compressor power from 0.2hp-15hp, flexible combination, to meet the needs of different cooling capacity occasions.

Disadvantages: when the cooling capacity of the chiller is large, it needs to use multiple compressor units in parallel to realize.

Advantages: single compressor has large cooling capacity and strong cooling capacity. If more than 2 compressors are connected in parallel, the cooling capacity can reach more than 2000KW, which can replace part of centrifugal chiller.

Disadvantages: there are certain requirements on refrigerating capacity. The minimum power of a single screw compressor is 30HP, so when the refrigerating capacity is not required, the cost performance is not high

refrigerating efficiencyCompared with screw chiller, its operating efficiency is lower and the operating cost is higher.High operating efficiency, generally operating efficiency can reach more than 5, greatly reducing the power consumption of the system, thus reducing the operating cost.
dimensionsAccording to the number of compressor used, the unit is usually designed as a fully enclosed chiller, with large refrigerating capacityAt the same refrigerating power, the size of the unit is smaller than that of the vortex chiller and occupies less space
MaintainThe scroll chiller with large refrigerating capacity needs multiple compressors to realize together. If the number of compressors is large, the moving parts and pipelines will be relatively more complex and the maintenance workload will be largerWith a small number of screw chiller compressors, a compressor can achieve a high refrigerating capacity, with a small number of compressors, and greatly reduced moving parts, small operation and maintenance workload, and less cost.


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